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Celebrities look-a-likes

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Have you ever watch a music video or drama and though: “Oh, I know that one. Wasn`t she/he in that drama or from that group? No? Really?” Yap, I know that. Sometimes some singers or actors look like siblings but aren’t.  Sometimes they look-a-like even more than the real siblings.

So here some that I think they look like. Maybe you think the same, maybe not…who knows. And I`m not listening real siblings.

Jung Yonghwa (CNBlue)                                         & Rome (CClown)

Lee Gikwang (Beast)                                & Maru (CClown)

Kangjun (CClown)                 &                                   Hoya & L (Infinite)

In my eyes Kangjun looks like love child of Hoya and Myungsoo.

Park Yoochun (JYJ)                                  &  Junyoung (ZEA)

Junyoung could be the 3rd Park brother.

Kang Daesung (Big Bang)              & Kim Jongkook

They even have great musculus body. See:

I remember seeing Jongkook at X-Man and his arms were double size. It’s nice to see that he progress from Hulk to sexy body. But the biggest surprise was his voice. I didn’t expect to get that voice from that body.

Lee Hongki (FTIsland)                            & Mir (Mblaq)

Sungjae (BToB)  & Seo Inguk & N (Vixx) & Jeongmin (Boyfriend)

While I think that Jeongmin just looks more like N, N and Sungjae are similar to Seo Inguk.

Lee Taemin (SHINee)                                  & Kai (Exo K)

Seeing them in video together is big challenge. If someone would told me before Kai is Taemins little brother I would glad believe. Even twins would be believable for me.

Im Yoona (SNSD)                                          & Krystal (f(x))

No Minwoo (ex Trax)                                   &  Miyavi

No matter from what side you see they really do look a like. I actually didn’t know that Mayavi is so good-looking, I only knew him by name and not face….or music. I still can’t remember if I ever heard any of his songs.

Hyunseung (Beast)   &  UEE (After school)    & Hongbin (Vixx)

CNU (B1A4) & Teo (Lunafly) & Choi Songhyun (actress)

Those are just few of that I could think about and are for sure more. This gives me the change to come back to this thematic in the future (and until then I guess I will have category for this).

So, some do really look a like, some have some futures that makes me think they look-a-like like the way they smile or something like that. By some I might be right, but some you may thing if I’m drunk by writing this. And no, I’m not drunk, this is just my opinion on how I see (the fact that I’m short-sighted doesn’t effect me by this).

And what is more to say then like: to be continued….


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