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CClown = Crown Clown

Korean: 씨클라운

6 members

Debut: The group debuted on July 19, 2012 on M-Countdown with Solo.

Under Yedang Entertainment

Fans are called Crowns and colour is pearl forest green

Facebook YouTube Twitter DaumCafe


Name: Yu Barom (유바롬)

Born: September 6, 1990 in Sydney, Australia

Hight / Weight: 174cm / 60kg

Position: Leader, raper

Extra infos:

– CNBlue`s Yonghwa look-a-like

– Fluent in english

– He became a street dancer when he first moved to South Korea and also worked as an part-time English Teacher to make a living

– Can˙t eat spicy food and fated once by trying

– Thinks his best asset is his broad shoulders

– MV: Kim Hyeri – Spring comes

– is featured with Ali in Don`t lose your cool in 2011

– responsible for their serie Crown Clown




Name: Kim Taemin (김태민)

Born: May 5, 1993 in Gwangju

Hight / Weight: 177cm / 62kg

Position: Vocal

Extra info:

– Siwoo means ´raining moment` in Korean. His parents wanted him to become a singer who can sing a song like the sweet rain after the drought

– He is a motherly kind of person and he always talks to the members about their trouble

– Is scared of heights, bugs and lots of dots

– 4D personality

– He is the subject of members hobby – drawing him



Name: Kim Hyunil (김현일)

Born: April 19, 1994 in Pohang

Hight / Weight: 176cm / 62kg

Position: Vocal, face of the group

Extra info:

– Sometimes he sleep walk while holding his pillow and limping on one leg

– Has moody personality

– Likes making jokes about Maru`s skin colour.

– Wants to be able to buy a can of beer when he turns legal age by Korean standart.



Name: Kang Jun (강준)

Born: April 21, 1994 in Mokpo

Hight / Weight: 173cm / 62kg

Position: Main Vocal

Extra info:

– Loves sleeping on the floor even if he has his own bed



Name: Lee Minwoo (이민우)

Born: December 20, 1995 in Seoul

Hight / Weight: 178cm / 55kg

Position: Rapper

Extra info:

– T.K. stands for ´Top Kid` and it means he wants to become the top of where he stand. After Gurupop it could be ´Team Kill`

– Was a member of BTOB but couldn`t debut with them because of illness

– Was trainee under Cube Entertainment for 3 years and only 2 months under Yedang before debut and yet he was the trainee the longest time

– Tasty twins look-a-like




Name: Lee Jaejoon (이재준)

Born: September 25, 1997 in Cheongju

Hight / Weight: 175cm / 56kg

Position: Rapper, maknae

Extra info:

– Maru means ´the best` in Korean and he wants to become the best one day

– He traveled alone on a three hours bus ride from home to Seoul for about a year and half for a training

– Is Beast`s Gikwang look-a-like and he is also his role-model

– Is the youngest male singer that debuted

– Because of his darker skin he is exotic looking


Reality shows and dramas appearance:

– I live in Cheongdam-dong – T.K.

– Hon/Soul – T.K.

– Dream High – special episode – Ray

– ETN Channel C-Clown ep. 1-8 (2012)

– SBS MTV Diary ep. 45 – 64 (2012)

– KBS Dream Team 2 – Rome, Ray, Kangjun

–  ALL THE K-POP SHOW-EPISODE 25 – Kangjun (2013)

– Gurupop show

– After school club

– A song for you

– Crown the clown (stil ongoing)


  • Not Alone  (July 20, 2012)
  • Young love  (November 15, 2012)
  • Shaking heart  (April 18, 2013)
  • Let`s love (July 8, 2014)

– Colaboration:

  • Tears are shed – Ali ft. Kangjun (February 1, 2013)
  • Do you remember – Ali, Rome, Kangjun and T.K (April 1, 2013)

Music videos:

  • Solo (July 19, 2012)
  • Far away…young love – drama version ( November 14, 2012)
  • Far away…young love – drama, member version (November 18, 2012)
  • Far away…young love – dance version (November 22, 2012)
  • Shaking heart (April 17, 2013)
  • Tell me (2014)
  • Justice (2014)
  • Let`s love (2014)


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