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60 Day Kpop Challenge: Day 13 & 24


Day 13: A k-pop group you dislike and why

First: If you`re SONE you may not like to read this. I’m not going to bash to the ground but not saying anything nice either.


Okay, my feeling about this group is somewhere between don’t like and don’t care. I know they are on the scene but that’s all. I just don’t bother myself with them. Sure I click a new song if I see it since disliking an artist doesn’t mean I must also dislike their work. Most of time I then just go to next video since that one didn’t impress me. But like I said, I don’t dislike all their songs (Genie).

Why I dislike, don`t like them? There is actually no particular reason for that. Do you know how it’s when you meet someone new and you either like or dislike that person for no reason but just the feeling you get from that person? It’s exactly like that. It’s no reason it’s just the feeling. Maybe I`m to old and I don’t fall for their aegyo. I remember once seeing a video on YouTube with Sunny and her aegyo. Wow, that was…how should I say it? It wasn’t cute it was like watching some spoiled brat seeking for attention. It may work on boys, young girls or those who act the same way but not on me. And if your Sone who is still reading you may say it`s jealousy because I’m not so cute and pretty. Fine. Maybe. Whatever.

If I would now say that I don’t get the hype about them I would do exactly the same what all the people did about the my favourite group years ago. Since we are all different we have different preferences that doesn’t always goes together with everyone. But it’s just fine the way it is. Just imagine if everyone would like exactly the same things, music, person…it would be boring and crowded….clones all around.

And just one more thing. I was staring for quite a while at the lower half of the picture and I need to say that I love Sunny`s shoes. Those short boots are gorgeous!

You just clicked day 24 and you’re here again? That`s right. I didn’t want to made another post about the same thing so I’m just extending it here a bit.

Day 24: A picture of a k-pop idol who you think is overrated

Yeah, I think they are overrated. But I wouldn’t say its their own foul but of the SM. They just promote and drag them all over the place where they can and give money. Strategical great. They are young and as long they bring profit they will run with this horse. And since girls don’t do military service there won`t be any gaps in-between.


6 thoughts on “60 Day Kpop Challenge: Day 13 & 24

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  2. Oooh same as me, I just found them to overrated for what they give us. I mean they have nothing special, compared to other girl group. On 9 girls ow many can really sing and/or dance ? The only reason why they are popular it’s because they are other one of the best marketing agency. SM know how to promote their artist, if they were under a smaller agency, I don,t think they will have the same level of popularity…

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