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This song has for me the bitter-sweet taste. While on the one side I love it, on the other it makes me sad and stuffy inside.

The song is kinda personal to me. It came out at the same time I found out that one of my really few friends passed away.  It`s a year already but I still conect this song with him.

Enough personal, it`s time for the song.

Like I said I love the song. I love all the emotions that come from it. I love the lyrics.

I know, english is not my mother language but doesn`t Daniels – It`s not breathing – wrong? What is not breathing? The lunge? Wouldn`t it make more sense if it was I, he or she? I`m kinda disappointed since Daniel grow up in United States and yet its wrong. And if it’s not, then please just ignore these few sentences. Maybe I just heard it wrong.

“It`s not breathing. I don`t know what to do. I need help!” Imagine yourself in this situation, knowing your dying and no one to help you…how scared you must be. Just like this, the whole song is emotional this way.

After Daniels words of despair Jisu starts sing with his sweet voice that is like made for this song.

I don`t know which one is rapping at that moment but hearing that R it makes my neck hair stand up. That sound so sexy and just imagining how he would roll the Rs in my name (it has 2 and I like to hear both while German speaking people tend to eat the first one) it`s just…uh!

It`s hard to say which part of the songs is the best since the complete song is just amazing.


The video is like the song – duster. If not I think I would feel like its wrong. The thematic of death is not really something funny (specially when you see something more personal as you should). It freaked me out when they zipped up the bag and he opened the eyes and you could see it from his perspective to get zipped.

The end of the video has the symbolic meaning – they didn`t come back from dead – they made their comeback. Or at least this is how I see that.

The hair has also a meaning – it`s tribute to their member Dari who has enlisted to the army before they made a comeback. He had a Mohawk in their last video That man opposed. At least that’s what I read in comments.

The outfits change from classic black to my favourite ones – invisible shirts and the sexy mix in between. They have nice bodies so no need to hide them. This way they made it into my “Shirtless collection”.

Imagine having magnet in the forehand and hand. Then pick up the hand and wait what happened. DMTN boys showed that as part of the dance. You could say the dance is very interesting.

This was one of my favorite Comebacks of 2012, they just blows you away with the song. While at that time they still goes under the name Dalmatian, you could see on Daniels neck the tattoo DMTN what they later took as their new name.

I really like this group and wish they would get more attention as they deserves. And I don`t mean now the shit with drugs. But I hope their new agency will promote them more.

Check the song below if you didn`t come across it yet.


3 thoughts on “DMTN – E.R.

  1. The thing with English word in a song, it’s since it’s coming from a composer, the English native speaker in a group have no word to say. What it should have been said…I think…he/she is not breathing…. That would be more logical…the composer probably used Google Translate XD

    • That`s good that I`m not the only one who thinks its wrong. Having native speaker and not using that is just dumb. Does it hurt their pride or what if they would say if something is incorrect. Or giving english lyrics to someone who`s pronunciation is bad while having native speaker stuck with korean. Since every group has at least one native speaker or someone who is good in it. They should start to use whats given and leave Google to people like me who can`t remember a word or two. 🙂

      • I know only two group who try to paid attention to the English part in their song SHINHWA and UKISS. Pretty sure they are not the only one.
        Guess composer and lyricist have their pride and they doesn’t want to see their work change for the better….

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