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DMTN = Desire Motivation Timing Now

Previous known as Dalmatian (달마시안)

6 members

Debut:  the group officially debuted on 2 September 2010 on Mnet’s music program M! Countdown with Round 1.

They debuted under Monkey Funch Entertainment. Since 2012 under 2works.

Fans are called Dalmate (unless they change the name of fan club together with group name)

HomePage – YouTube – Daum Cafe – Google+



Name: Jang In Tae (장인태)

Born: March 6, 1981

Height/Weight: 180cm / 66kg

Position: Leader, rapper

Extra Infos:

– Modeled in CFs for Pringles, Hanaro Telecom, SK SKY, McDonalds, & LG070.

– Featured in MC Mong’s 1st ~ 5th albums.

–  Appeared in MC Mong’s 2009 Concert “Mongie’s Nomads”

–  Appeared in 2010 Concert “Variety Mind”




Name: Lee Da Ri (이다리)

Born: July 4, 1984

Height/Weight: 176cm / 60kg

Position: Rapper

Extra Infos:

– First member to finish his military service (2012-2014)

– Featured in MC Mong’s 4th & 5th albums

– Appeared in MC Mong’s 2009 Concert “Variety Mind”

– in october 2014 realised his solo single




Name: Park Simon / Junho / Sakai (박준호)

Born: May 29, 1986 in Seattle, Washington (USA)

Height/Weight: 178 cm / 65kg

Position: Rapper, Vocalist

Extra infos:

– he is half Japanese, half Korean (his mother is Japanese)

– speaks English, Japanese and Korean

– he was scouted by MC Mong and was in the original line-up for Dalmatian, but left prior to debut to pursue solo activities

– joined the band again with ER

– featured in songs for MC Mong such as 로반줄아 and Dalmatian Love

Twitter: (don’t think this is his anymore)



Name: Lee Dong Rim (이동림)

Born: April 1st, 1990

Height/Weight: 177cm / 62 kg

Position: Vocalist

Extra infos:

– He was previous known as Youngwon/Youngone (that was his tag name by Gurupop)

 Placed 1st in Busan Youth Song Festival

– He always compete against Jisu

– In previous videos he had blue hair and also long hair





Name: Park Jee Su (박지수)

Born: July 28, 1990

Height/Weight: 180cm / 69kg

Position: Vocalist, Face of The Group

Extra infos: 

– Appeared in MC Mong’s 2009 Concert “Variety Mind”

– He always compete with Donglim





Name: Daniel Chae (최다니엘)

Born: March 31, 1991

Height/Weight: 177cm / 58kg

Position: Main Vocalist, Maknae

Extra infos:

– was previous known as Drama

– UCC TV “How to Seduce Mr. Daniel”

– co host of Gurupop show

Twitter: (don’t think this is his anymore)




Name: David Kim (김데이빗)

Born: September 20, 1983

Height/Weight: 170cm / 60kg

Position: Main Rapper

Extra infos: 

– Rap trainer in JYP and other companies

– Featured In:

– Lee Hyori’s “Shall We Dance” & “Straight Up”

– Wonder Girls’ “So What”

– Uhm Junghwa’s “Come to Me”

– Wheesung’s “This Kind of Situation”

– Ivy’s “No”

– Son Dambi’s “Start”

– SHINHWA “We Get Get It On”

– participate to all rap lyric from SHINHWA last album “The Classic”



Reality shows and dramas appearance:

  • 2010: Mnet Dalmatian’s Manager Goes On Strike
  • 2011: KBS Let’s Go Dream Team! Season 2 – Episode 68 (Daniel Only)
  • 2012: 아이돌 TV (SonbadakTV): 달마시안 Idol TV Dalmatian
  • 2012: KBS Let’s Go Dream Team! Season 2 – Episode 149 (Simon only)
  • 2012: Gurupop Show (All eps) (Daniel only)[MC]
  • 2012: Gurupop Show Ep 3- Dalmatian
  • 2012-2013: Pops in Seoul (Daniel)


– Extended plays:

  • Dalmatian: 1st mini album (February 14, 2011)
  • State of emergency (May 16, 2012)

– Singels:

  • Round 1 (2010)
  • That Man opposed (2011)
  • Lover cop (2011)
  • That Man opposed remix (2011)
  • E.R. (2012)
  • Safety zone (2013)

Music videos:

  • Round 1 (2010)
  • That Man opposed (2011)
  • Lover cop (2011)
  • E.R. (2012)
  • Safety zone (2013)


2 thoughts on “DMTN

  1. I like DMTN, they have a lot of talent, yet they are underrated.
    I’m really worried about Daniel case, I know what he did was completely stupid and that might affect is career, but at least he admit it and I hope it will goes for the better after.

  2. Something else you can had about Day Day, I was feature in SHINHWA song “We Get Get It On” from their Volume 9 album and He participate to all rap lyric from SHINHWA last album “The Classic” ^^

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