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60 Day Kpop Challenge: Day 18

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Day 18: A k-pop idol you wish was your younger sibling

For today’s challenge there are plenty of fish in the pond. Should I exchange my two younger brothers for little sisters or just stay by brothers?


Okay, this boy is like a double-edged sword. After seeing him in Sesame Player and how he protected his sister he seemed perfect candidate. But if you think a little better…em, no. He would rather let the mankind die out as let her meet anyone from Mblaq. I`m already on the edge of dying alone, I don`t need a help of a younger brother, I already have two without a use. Sorry Thunder, I need to think it over again. But I liked how he jumped from happiness when his hyungs suffered.

Team Kill

I meant T.K. from C-Clown. There is something about this boy…he is just to adorable. His name should be N.K. – noona kill 😛


C-Clown maknae, the baby of the group. Like T.K. he is also so adorable and cute. He will be noona killer soon.



Shinee`s Maknae. As noona I would feed this boy little more. No matter what, I`m sure he would burn all calories with dance right away.

All the choices are those who I would never think off I would like to date them. No matter how hot, good-looking, cute and adorable they are. The age difference is just to big and that would make me feel uncomfortable just to think I would like that child as my boyfriend. No, little brother should be enough.


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