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Infinite Ranking King [variety show – spoiler alarm]

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While I normally wait to watch the complete show before writing about it, I will write this time right after I watch an episode. Actually this won`t make any difference since I will post after I`m done with all but I will still write right away so that my though about the episode still will be fresh.

Before I start with episode 1 first this: this is a spoiler and if you don’t like to read it, skip the post to the bottom if your interested in link to the show.

Now lets start.

Episode 1:

Ranking: Likeability King

If you wonder why they act like they don’t know each other it’s because the concept is that they meet each other for the first time. The numbers they got shows the number of the ranking done by fans. So number 1 – Woohyun is the favorite among fans. After a lottery they have a room date to get each other know a little bit better. And after introduction they made couples for lunch.

It’s funny how the last got to choose from 3 candidates.

Whats the best why to describe how I felt while watching this? Embarrass while I giggled the whole time. It had a feeling of gay dating show. Not that, that would be bad, I like yaoi, and this was like story becoming alive. After seeing one video on YouTube, I had a feeling who will be a lunch couple even before they start to choose. I was right, they had room date, now they have lunch date. And I will keep my eyes on them. And now before next episode I have a feeling like waiting for the next chapter of my favorite yaoi fiction.

He looks so dorky with glasses, doesn`t he?

Namu spreading his greasiness all over the place. He is like that green ghost from Ghostbusters.

Episode 2: 

Episode 1 and 2 belong together.

This episode also make me giggles all the time, how couldn’t it, it the part 2 of episode 1. I know that the theme of episode 1 and 2 is likeability and that they are trying to see who they like the most thru dates but sometimes is like overtop. I mean with this Woohyun, Hoya and sometimes L. It’s like they took it to serious to charm others, especially Woohyun. I felt bad for Dongwoo who was pursuit really hard. It’s like Woohyun tried to claim the wrong tree. So cheesy!

In this episode Myungsoo came out, when he left his anger out on balloons.

I was charmed by Sunggyu and his piano play, he looked really handsome by that. And as soon as he stopped, his charm flow away and the gloomy guy came back.

I felt bad for Sungyeol who stayed without a lunch date and he was actually the one who needed the most help since his hands were injured and couldn’t used them as wished. He would need someone like L to feed him.

While in Sesame Player the members said Hoya is a player you can see it here for yourself that its true. Sometimes his words send chills over my body.

Their start numbers were decided by fans, their end numbers by the members. It’s interesting to see how they do see each other. Sungjong as last by fans is number 1 among the members. Infinite like their maknae, even they like to pick on him.  While on the other hand, Woohyun who is number 1 by fans is not so high by members. Infinite doesn’t fall for his fake aegyo. And for the leader…maybe not getting votes was members revenge for his ordering them around? Sunggyu has his charms, you just need to dig deeper to find them or wait for the rare moments when he shows them on his own.

there was someone else who needed this kind of treatment

that’s exactly how I felt.

Episode 3+4:

Ranking: Brain King

Every time the ranking starts the way fans voted and it doesn’t mean it will also end that way. For the final ranking they need to prove them self. While previous was likeability ranking, this time its Brain King ranking. To find the Brain King they play chaser game, where they need to find a weapon, munition and eliminate the target. Once the target is eliminated, he gets his target and so goes on until there is only one survivor.

The atmosphere of this episode is way different as previous that was sometimes bit awkward. I like that they start to play games to do their ranking. What I didn’t like about this game is that the dead person help his eliminator. I would prefer that the losers would be took out of the game and let the rest to do it on their own. That would be the fairest to work alone. But then the loser wouldn’t have any air time any more. Game over for Gyu and L after 10 minutes of first episode.

It’s funny how Sunggyu believes way to much into Woohyun when he actually shouldn’t. He is under his spell.

when trusting the wrong one

And when Hoya is already helping Sungjong he also should have told him about the fake target. But then, did he forgot where his target was and that he didn’t get it first time? Thinking logical, it should be white and not green. I didn`t like the fact that Dongwoo gave him his target to deceive the maknae. I think that was foul game!

But I really liked their outfits, it makes them look cool.

Episode 5:

Ranking: Strength King

This time they have special Infinite Olympic games. The games are so dumb, that it would be perfect for Mblaq and Sesame player. So they played games like “Staring contest”, “Block stacking” and “Basketball Shooting”.

when Ranking King became Sesame Player

The biggest surprise this time is the LoserGyu that came from last to the fifth place. With that he broke his unlucky strike to end up the last. Maybe he should be always voted last to end up higher. When you are on the bottom you can go higher, but when you are on the top you can just fall, keeping it up it can be really hard.

only on Ranking king can be ability of using chopsticks useful

bad luck: they didn’t search for Face-making-King

Episode 6:

Ranking: Knowledge King

This episode is the funniest among all until now. Its like quiz and you could see how much common knowledge they have. In the first part they depend only on their own knowledge. Some of the answers were surprise for me, like octopus has 3 hearts. You can also learn by this, I surely did.

The second half is not only about the knowledge but also about luck. If someone came on that special place, he got the chance to rearrange the members the way he wanted on the board game. But he keeped the immunity and stayed on the same spot.

I though I will die by the “L`s mom sons” question. Sunggyu that knows the answer didn’t want to give it, since that would bring him back to start. But in the end because of frustration of the members who couldn’t get the right answer he gave up just to let his frost out. And than Woohyun even asked why is that correct answer. Seriously, he was deserved to be last!

I love Gyus sobbing face when he found out that this answer would bring him back to the start. And his frustration over his members. Serious, face palm for Woohyun! It’s unbelivable he won Brain King. I swear, if he wouldn’t get help from others and specially that fake target, Sungjong would won over him.

Episode 7+8:

Ranking: Fashion King

While the pre-ranking was always done by fans, this time the members voted for the fashionista and the fashion terrorist. It’s funny how they pointed out their “fashion mistakes” and reveal some secrets. Woohyun and his insoles, Sunggyu and animal print, Hoya and purple (he is purple prince like Sungmin from Super Junior is pink prince). They placed Dongwoo first and L last. Black King needs to be last.

L came as Black King before he changed into “work outfit”

They had done photoshoting with them and photos were evaluated. That gave the feeling of “Infinites next top model”. The end result was surprise for all members, the fashion terrorist became the fashion king. It is true that the real fashion king should be able to pull of every clothes given to him but I think like Woohyun said – they should have let them self pick out their outfit. This way would they show they sense for fashion and not the one of their stylist.

I personally think that Sungyeol has natural sense for fashion. What ever he put on it looks good on him and I really like his own outfit he had in this episode on. What is not so good is ripping off the tags, there are other ways to get it off without making hole in the clothes. My mom also can’t stand the tag so she cut them out without making extra ventilators in shirt.

The clothes that were pick out for Dongwoo, Hoya and Sungyeol were bit weird. I liked how Dongwoos torso looked, but overolds as complete…awkward. Leggings with shorts, poor boy. It looked better with the jacket as without it. Baggypants…what about them? I think you need to be a right person to look good in them.

I really liked all of the pictures but Woohyuns picture pose reminded me of something. Wonderboyz and Tarzan. Did he teached the pose to K?

they ended all with good pictures

What I didn’t really get is what is so funny or wrong when Sungyeol is wearing something twice? If it’s not like super hot that you sweat, I don’t see the problem to wear it again instead of giving it into washing right away.

Sungyeol`s habit to wear clothes “good” is hilarious to other

There is one more thing that is stuck in my mind. When they talked about Sungjong, L said that when he turned 20 he become hot maknae.

Episode 9:

Ranking: Ambition King

Pre-ranking was decided by Mole game and as expected LoserGyu got last again. With this L got the nickname “Mole Hunter”. It was funny to see how his face changed from one second to another.

Mole Hunter

After taking little safety lessons its time to try it out in praxis and they got little autos. It’s hilarious to see how Sungyeol puts his long legs on the car. Or Woohyun who made accident and L is the victim.

it`s time for the accident

Then is time for bigger cars and they got lesson on how the cart works from a child, 10 years old. You can imagine what a mental break down that was for 1 zodiac older Sunggyu. I really start to feel sorry for this guy who is so sensitive about his age. Don`t wonna even imagine what it will be when he reach my age. And between him and maknae are only 4 years, that’s not such a big age gap between.

How to tease a leader? Saying that hte child could be his.

it`s time for racing

You could say this time was Dongwoos time to shine, since he won. Others said it’s because he is the only one with driver license.

Episode 10+11+12:

Ranking: Corauge King

Hunted village at night. I feel with scary cat Dongwoo, I don’t like horrors and co either.

I`m same seeing spider

Hoya is for someone who says he is not scary little bit to jumpy while seeing ghost.

he is exercising not scary

And fearless maknae…respect.

Wow, there is sadist in Myungsoo and I was waiting for him to slip or something…wasn’t disappointed. That clumsy kid, that reminds me of Yesung from Super Junior.

Sunggyu finally came to his victory. Its looks like he and Sungyeol always compete for the places, last or first it doesn’t matter. Sunggyu was already winner in Knowledge King but gave his position at the end up because he couldn’t stand his members stupidity about one question. Hilarius and sad situation at the same time.

I can tell I would never won this one. I almost felt down the stair as I jumped backward after seeing spider on the wall. And lost 10 years of life from the stress to cough and eliminate him. I still get goosebumps and get itchy just from the feeling it’s still there. Igh!

Episode 12+13+14:

Ranking: Lucky King

This is the ranking I anticipated the most since I saw the cuts on YouTube. Their pick of clothes and their reaction to it, its hilarious. While no one wanted the full packed box it was in the end one of the lucky ones. And while Dongwoo and Sungyeol were celebrating the pick, others were at the mental breakdown.

When you think a bit you can see the irony in the outfits. Kid Gyu that always complain about his age. Miss Woohyun that has plenty sweet words for his female fans (and that is not the first time for him being in female cloths, hanbok probably yes). The Super L the almighty, the cold man of steel. Sungjong that love shorts now combinate them with winter jacket. Sungyeol who was made fun of his clothes didn’t need to change. Safari Dongwoo with the left over box that no one wanted. And Flasher Hoya…no words. Sunggyu and Hoya are wearing their clothes wrong to get the right result of it. Hoya actually ask: “Do I need to take everything of and wear only this?” Yes, that would make the outfit the way it should be, thank you.

Man of steel is melting, no kryptonite needed just sun

They need to try their luck on several games. One of them is hanging over the pool. The lucky guy should stay dry but even the lucky guy went swim. It was hilarious that the winner felled like loser. Poor Gyu.

Agashi Woohyun swimming in hanbok in pool

I don’t know why was Sunggyu so unhappy with his choice of song by karaoke. He rocked the song so I really don’t get what was first the problem. I also filed sad that because of Sunggyus 100% Dongwoo didn’t sang. I really wanted to hear him sing.

I would say Loser Gyu lost his nickname with this. The only one with 2 wins. LoserGyu became WinnerGyu.

My favorite part, I love how they laugh over others but only until they open they own box. Woohyun that is so happy about leaders small shirt, got like payback with his female clothes….how his happiness ends right after he realised it’s not male hanbok. And than he forgot for second about his misery because of L. I see Sunggyu regretting when Dongwoo opened his box…too late.

Episode 14+15:

It’s already the last episode and with it the Infinite Ranking King Award.

In the last episode they present awards for few more categories like “Wild Face King” or “Mental breakdown King”. If you’re afraid this episodes won`t be funny as previous than don’t, laughter is guaranteed. The new categories are funny and so are the prizes they get.

My favorite categories were: “Wild Face King” – the winner deserved the title; “Mental breakdown” – loved all the nominees and I’m happy with the winner; “Field character King” – the prize is the best!;

Here they also reviled thing that weren’t shown by first time. Like who gave who how many candies in first ranking or all about the fashion king. I was really curious who gave candies to Sunggyu or if anyone voted himself, since that could happen, Sungjong did that accidently before noticing it. Giving candies to itself, that would be sure really funny to see. My candidate for action like this would be Woohyun.

While they showed lemon candy story I write it down, I wanted to see it exactly who to who and how many. Here the table:

To who↓ From who→

§ § §   SJ   L  DW   HY   WH   SY   SG  total

SJ      X    5     3      7       7      5      7     = 34

L        3     X     2     1        0      4      0      =10

DW   1      2     X     1        2      1       0      =7

HY   1      1      2     X       0      0      2       =6

WH  1      0     3     0        X     0      1        =5

SY   3      1      1     0        0     X      0        =5

SG   1       1     0     1         1     0      X        =4

Now looking at this you can see that SG got ony 4 candies, but we already know that (at least those who watched this already). It’s funny to see that zero candies came from the both sides and this way you can also see who is and who is not close. They also voted for they date partners, but you can’t say if this was because they were coupled up, or because they really wanted. This mystery will probably stay for all the times.

I really enjoyed the show and would like to see season 2. I don’t care if it would be with Infinite again or with some other group. But one thing is sure – more members, bigger concurrence, more fun.

And now you want to see it too because you liked the written, or because you jumped down to get the link – it`s here. Enjoy the show, but this is given anyway!


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