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60 Day Kpop Challenge: Day 51

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Day 51 : Your Favorite Main Vocal

Yesung from Super Junior

There is really no need to think about this, I just love his voice. But not only his voice, I love the guy, he is so funny and 1 of my 3 biased in the group.

His song It got to be you made me wanna watch drama Cinderella’s sister and it was really nice drama.

On that first picture he looks like Junjin from Shinhwa. When he speaks he sound like a sexy radio speaker.

Runner up:

Daesung from Big Bang

Love his voice, it’s so smooth.

I have goosebumps from listening to this.

And not to forget:

Sunggyu from Infinite

Seungho from Mblaq

Kevin from Ukiss

Hyungshik from ZEA

Hyorin from Sistar

Park Bom from 2ne1

Some of them may not be main vocal, but vocal I really like.

And I`m sure I forget some, but those are that I remember without thinking too much.

For this question no solo artist or band singer where more or less have only one vocal and “background vocals”.


One thought on “60 Day Kpop Challenge: Day 51

  1. I know the video is not there, but Yesung performance on Immortal Song” of “The More Than I Love” was effing epic. I really hope that he release a solo album when he will comeback from the military. If Henry can release one’ I don’t see why Super Junior Powerful Vocal Yesung can’t…

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