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Infinite – She`s Back

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When I came across Infinite their second song She`s back was also already out. While I loved the first one I actually didn’t really bother myself to give a chance to this one. I didn’t like the screenshot and I left the video alone. Serious, how stupid reason did I have? I though it would be again about that small dog.

But then, not long ago I came across the Japanese version and at that time I really listen to the song. What did I missed! It’s a nice, fun summer song. It gives you the feeling that we are missing again, since it cold outside – the feeling of warm summer.

I like the video, its 7 boys making vacation together. It’s like it should be – fun. And to top it – birthday party.

I like to see L who is always shown as calm and cold, but in this one he smiles a lot.

But the best part in this video was when that ball hit someone….Woohyun. Since I don’t wont to sound to mean, I hope it didn’t hurt too much. It was beach ball so it shouldn’t have.

The thing that confused me in this version (in japanese version is fine) is that they swim in shirts. I don’t know if this is a cultural thing, but since in other version they don’t, I guess is not. Anyway that seems really funny to me. I swam once in t-shirt and that only because they made me, since my back and shoulders were burned and they didn’t want me to get burn even more.

The japanese version of this song was realised 2 years later. I guess that the lyrics are still the same, the song sound the same anyway. But even I first listen to this version and later korean, I like the korean more. Maybe they become more mature or the weather that looks cold, but the korean version gives more warmth.

It still has the feeling of vacation, but more grown up. There is still the feeling of having fun, but different. You can also look at this one as coming back again to the same place with same friends.

But I really like the ending of this one. That with hands is so cute. Greenpeace would be proud of Dongwoo who pushed softly the bird from the street to make it safe.

And while I laugh at Woohyun in korean version because he was hit by the ball this time I feel sorry for him. I saw in making of that he actually hurt himself by jumping in the pool. He must probably hit the bottom then his forehead and arms were bleeding.

Dongwoo loves skateboards.

If you would ask me (I know you wont, but still “if”) which version I prefer I would say korean. Like I already said – I feel more warmth coming from it.

Korean version:

Japanese version:



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