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Song of the week: Sistar – Give it to me

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Yay, the first girl group song as song of the week. I know and I admit – I`m male groups biased. It’s not like I don’t like girl groups, I just like boy groups more. And every time when I looked for the next song it just happened that males were stronger in getting my attention. Sometimes few days after that an interesting girl group song came out but right before to change the song some other song stood out more and I ended up again with male song.

But this time Sistar beg for the song of the week – give it to me. Now tell me how could I be so cruel and give that spot to someone else? I`m nice person, right. Okay, not always but I really like that song.

I think Sistar are one of those groups who you start to like after you come across one song that you really like. For me was that “Alone”. I heard “Shady girl” when it came out but it didn’t wowed me, that did for me like I said – Alone.

The sound of the songs slightly remind me of their previous one, already mentioned – Alone.

While I was reading the lyrics I feel like I got hit – Will I even get married before I turn thirty? Emm…no. I’m single. And that day will come like in 2 months. So if doesn’t happen a wonder, no chance for me. Something like love at first sign and married next day could only change the table. But Sistar, don’t worry, you all still have a lot of time yet. Jep, jealous right now.

So what wont Sistar from him? Love? The ring? Or maybe both? Or maybe something total different since they say they need it tonight. When this one is not giving any thing why not go to next one. I`m sure they have more than enough chance to pick from more candidates.

I don’t know if the song should give the feeling of Moulin Rouge but the video sure does. I mean, not that I had seen the movie but when I think about Pink`s video it comes to something like this.

I really like the cabaret theme and the outfits are also really nice. I only don’t like the one Dasom has – that white and black top. I think that would look better on someone else that would make it look fuller…someone like Hyorin.

Do I also see some recycle stuff like that big clock? Isn’t that the same clock as we could see in U-Kiss Tick Tack, 2Pm Without you and Natthew She`s bad. The clock doesn’t seem to be such popular object as brohoho brick room yet but this might change.

Check the song if you didn`t have yet.


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