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60 Day Kpop Challenge: Day 55

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Day 55 : Your Favorite Maknae

This one is hard again. Maknae`s are always kinda cute and it`s really hard not to like them.

While I was watching Maknae Rebellion I got to know some of them. I can say I really like:

Dongho from U-Kiss

He is one of those little boys that are growing before your eyes. And while he still looks like a child in the moment he transform into a hot guy in the next one.

Even being the youngest he sometimes gives the feeling of the most matured one in the group.







Jinwoon from 2am

Love this maknae. He is hot and cute and the same time.

Not to forget his amazing voice!

And his amazing smile! More his smile becomes brighter more his eyes disappear and that`s so adorable.

Hmmm…there is no way to get pass this: his body! Those muscles! Nice!

Since he was like Dongho in Maknae Rebellion you could get him little bit more to know. I liked that.




Sungjong from Infinite

Lemon Candy Boy is really growing on me. And more stuff with them I get to see, more I like him. He was voted the favorite member among the members in the first ranking in Ranking King and I start to understand why they love their maknae.

I also like the fact that he has not only the role of being cute (that already Woohyun took over) but also gives hard time to their hyungs when he feel like it.

And he doesn’t despair in the big number of their members but stood out as individual as he is.



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