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60 Day Kpop Challenge: Day 57

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Day 57 : Beside Your Favorite Guy Group Which Other Group Do You Like ( name 5)

As I though this one is also not easy as I wish it would be. So there are groups that I like all-around – those from who I like the songs and their members. And than there are those where I like the songs but I`m not really into the group nor I actually try to get into.


Infinite are my all-around group and are starting to share the throne with Mblaq.

I like or love their songs. Didn’t really come across any that I would say that I don’t like it.

I love their choreography`s. Group of dance machines under Kpop groups.

And I love the members, some more some less. And even I can’t say I love them all the same, I don’t dislike anyone. Not liking or disliking are two different things.

For more thoughts about them you can checked the Infinite Challenge.

Super Junior

They were the first group that I liked when I start to listen to Kpop and they are still one of my favorites.

They are like Mblaq and Infinite – all-around group.

Thinking about that they have so many members is nothing wrong with having more than 1 bias, right? I have 3 – clumsy and amazing voice Yesung, funny and amazing dancer Eunhyuk and cute all-around Sungmin.

Seeing them in shows like Adonis Camp or my favorite Exploration of human body, gives you nice view into the members.


The beastly idols are those who belong into the second group – the one`s I like their songs but I`m not into group.

Like said – I really like their songs (at the moment I`m in love with ADTOY) but I can’t say I know the members. Sure, I know their names and who is who but that is more or less all.

I know there are variety shows with them, I just didn’t watch any yet. I liked what I saw in making of in DVDs so I`m not turned off to watch also a show with them. When? I don’t know…I guess when the right time comes the show will come on it own to me.


For U-Kiss you could say it mix-mix. I like their song from 0330 and even I don’t know them so much, I like what I saw in clips or interviews. You could say I know Dongho the most since he was in Maknae Rebellion (that reminds me again, I still have like 2 episodes left).


And as for last it’s really hard to choose only one.

I like C-clown, Wonder boyz, DMNT, Big Bang, Beast, MyName, ZEA, MIB,…

For most of them I like their songs, some I like even more.

But to be more precise – I could put name after name as long I could remember anyone who’s songs I like and I don’t mean only one.




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