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B.A.P. Killing Camp [variety show – spoiler alarm]

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Before I watched this I know about BAP this: 6 members that debuted as blonds, powerful songs, with deep-voiced leader, tall and pale maknae. I know all their names and can give them also to the face. But you could say this is more or less all. Okay I know a little bit more since I watched them in Gurupop show.

I remember seeing a cut on YouTube that was really funny (that one below)  but it stayed by that. Until I saw in the side bar the complete subbed episode. When I get something like this like on the plate, it would be really dumb (and I admit, I can be dumb) from me, not to take the chance and watch it.

So yah, now I`m here laughing at that show.

To make it clear in fall you can’t read the title correct – this will contain spoilers – don’t like it, don’t read it. You still have the option to scroll to the bottom to get the link and make the experience on your own without any other influence.

Now lets begin.

Episode 1:

After 9 months of promotions, yes they were really busy, the boys were taken instead like normal after show to the practice room, on a mysterious bus and to even more mysterious destination. To make it even harder for them, and funnier for viewers, they were set off in pairs on different places after receiving a “death call”. Now the mission starts for them then with clues they should find a destination.

Probably to give Daehyun and Zelo, who are not from Seoul a helping hand, they were left from bus really near. Now the boys should follow the map to the right spot. And even they were like 5 minutes from it it took them like forever to get their. This situation reminds me of the one I was in it but I won`t go in details now.

When they came to their destination they had got 1 hour time for shopping the things that began with the 4 consonants they got. They also could find help card to use them.

And after that hour the bus took them again to the next destination.

Episode 2:

Coming to the final destination the members had to pick up the backpack and if they would be lucky enough, get their own. The stuff became their breakfast.

After that they got some free time that they used to play football (not american one) and the game that actually brough me in first place to this show.

And since after good time always comes hard time, they got a survival game. Following a pick for good dinner and sleeping place.

Episode 3:

It’s already the last one. So looking at this then this is a short show that doesn’t take you a lot of time and you still can get the members know a bit.

Right at the beginning big laugh – Zelo`s long legs were looking out of the too small tend. After all are awake they needed to make a picture where all of their faces were to see. Of course with a twist – they needed to jump to get into the picture. The result was funny of course.

Before they could escape the killing camp, they needed to solve 2 more missions – first telepathy. And as last they needed to find other member thing they said they get the energy from it.

And at the end they left the camp in big style – in the limo. But with not an easy feeling since everything started for them at the same way.

Result of big things pushing into small space

What I learned from this?  

The members like to pick up on Himchan. Zelo is still a kid, the way he thinks. Yongguk is a big kid that can do aegyo only when he doesn’t attend to do so. He also gives the feeling of ´I dont care, let just have fun`. Jongup seems the one who doesn’t only think about himself. Youngjae….Youngjae reminds me of cute hamster with that chubby checks…cute. Let me say so – I see now clearer why he was the double spy in One shot video. He betrayed his members even they should be working together in that mission to escape. But I found it funny how he came to conclusion that he was looking like fool because of that and bagged for that scene to be cut out.

In the end I still think and wished it would be a bit longer. But the members got their free time, if that was healing time or killing time is for them to decide, but as for me as a viewer it was sure fun time.

Youngjae so funny and cute!

If you like to check it out, is here the place to click it. Enjoy!


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