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I found this one somewhere and I think this short quizzes, challenges or survey can fill in when your to lazy or don’t know what to post.

So lets start.


Pick 5 of your favorite Kpop Groups (most favourite as first) and answer the following questions about them:

1. Mblaq

2. Infinite

3. Super Junior

4. 2PM

5. U-kiss

Who is your favorite person from #2:

Infinite: This cutie – Dongwoo

Who is your least favorite from #1:

Mblaq: G.O. probably…I mean, nothing against him but someone must be last, right.

What is your favorite song from #3:

Super Junior: It`s you

Just love this song.

What is your favorite era from #5:

U-kiss: It started with Neverland and liked mostly everything after that – more or less.

What is your favorite OTP from #2:

Infinite: Myungjong

What your least favorite OTP from #3:

Super Junior: Maybe Eunsihae….its crowded.

How long have you been a fan of #1:

Mblaq: Since I came across Y.

Bias in #5:

U-kiss: Eli and Dongho

Favorite music video in group #4:

2PM: Adtoy….maybe not favorite but right now this song is stuck in my head

How did you find out about #3:

Super Junior: Cheking YouTube. Its was in the beginning when I came into kpop.

Favorite thing about group #1:

Mblaq: I like the fact that they bring over and over good songs, that was also what attract me in beginning….later came also Seungho on this list LOL

Most played song on your cellphone/ Ipod from group #2:

Infinite: Chaser (I’m sure I have this one on and I never skip it)

Rank favourite to least from #1, #2, #3:

Mblaq: Seungho, Joon, Mir, Thunder, G.O. (but you could say that 2-5 is more or less on the same level)

Infinite: Dongwoo, Sunggyu, Sungjong, Myungsoo, Sungyeol, Hoya, Woohyun

Super Junior: Eunhyuk, Yesung – they are same, Sungmin bit below, Heechul and Siwon last and everyone else is in between

Whats your favourite variety shows from: #1, #3:

Mblaq: Sesame player (the other choice would be Hello baby, but only because I haven`t saw more….started to watch Idol Army but it takes time and right mood to do so)

Super Junior: Exploration of human body – love that one

Eunhyuk bullied the most of the time by Kangin.

If you could be anyone from #4 who would you be?:

2PM: If I want to be a male from 2PM? Chansung maybe…has nice body, voice, charisma and is the youngest…when you are at my age you start to wish to be younger….at least me.

Who do [would] you hang out the most with in #5:

U-kiss: Kevin – just a feeling he could be girls best friend…and no, I’m not pointing my finger in any of directions.

What would you change about #3:

Super Junior: Their agency!

Would a collab with #2 and #5 work?:

Infinite and U-Kiss: Not sure if it would work as complete both groups but some members from each maybe.

Who would you want to meet the most in #3:

Super Junior: Yesung

yesung Please serenade me and I can die after that.

If you had to choose between seeing #4 or #2 who would you choose?

Infinite vs. 2PM: Infinite! There is probably a reason why they are on 2 and not 4.


2 thoughts on “Kpop Survey

  1. ahhhh totally doing it!!!! thanks for posting this ^^

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