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Celebrities look-a-likes Part 2


“Mirror mirror on the wall, who looks like me in this big world?”

As you can see this is the Part 2 of the Celebrities Look-a-likes post. So let`s see who I also think that they look a like and may make me to look twice.

Hoya (Infinite) & Moon YoungGeun

The purple prince from Infinite really looks like the male version of the actress. Her picture is from a movie Love me not so no need to think I might put an inappropriate picture to show similarity.

Melanie (Chocolat) & Yoo Inyoung (actress)

While I was watching Chocolat`s Black Tinkerbell music video I had a feeling I saw that girl somewhere else. And after a bit of thinking I knew it – she looked like the actress in daily drama Likeable or not. (If I`m wrong by the name feel free to correct me, then I`m not familiar with Chocolat.)

Kcm (singer) & Dongwan (Shinhwa)

When Kcm came on X-Man I really though that is Dongwan before they introduced the guest. Those two could be twins.

Haha (singer) & Kim Jisuk (actor)

Seeing them both in the same episode of X-Man was literally screaming – we look a alike, so they just needed to be featured in this post.

Jang Woohyuk (HOT) & Yoo Jaesuk (MC)

Another thing that X-Man reviled is that the ex member from HOT Woohyuk and the MC from the show look a like.

Dongjun (ZE:A) & Han Gain (actress)

The maknae from ZE:A already pointed it out himself that he looks a lot like the actress and yes, he really does.

Yesung (Super Junior) & Lee Junki (actor)

While I was watching drama My Girl I came first time across actor Lee Junki. I keeped thinking he looks familiar to me but couldn’t remember where have I already saw him. Then I released he remind me of Yesung from Super Junior. It may have been the hair that made me think of Yesung but yeah, they do look similar. And they are both great on its own way.

Soyou (Sistar) & Lee Hongki (FTIsland)

I already mentioned Hongki once with Mir but this time he got pretty lady at his side. Sistar`s Soyou and Hongki could be twins. I remember saying Hongki once itself that there are a lot of celebrities that look like him.

Lee Dongwook (actor in My girl) & Lee Donggun (actor in Sweet 18)

This couple gives me headache. Whenever I watch one or the other in any drama I always need to think really hard where I saw him and which one is he already. Now seeing them together here I think how I`m not able to get them apart but in drama or movie I really have hart time.

Kim Hyunjoong (SS501) & Lee Donggun (actor)

Donggun once again. I actually never saw this similarity until I searched for his picture for the previous couple and saw Hyunjoong there. So yeah, leader of SS501 really do look like the actor.

Teacyeon (2PM) & CAP (Teen Top) & Hyungsik (ZE:A)

Since I never really paid attention to Teen Top it took me long to see the similarity between this two.

But CAP`s similarities with Taec doesn’t end there, he also look like Hyungsik from ZE:A. It’s interesting to see that the way he choose to wear his hair it decide to who he will look more similar. Leave the hair longer and we see Hyungsik, cut them short and Taecyeon comes out.

And with this triple lets wrap up today’s post, then yes, I still see some more look-a-likes and with all those rookies it’s not to hard to find even more.

I`m curious – which couple do you think looks the most alike? It can be someone from this list, previous one or not even listed here yet. You can let me know in the box below. Don`t worry I don`t bite.

Then until part 3.


2 thoughts on “Celebrities look-a-likes Part 2

  1. Kai = Changmin + JaeJoong + Taemin
    Hoya also look a bit like the young XIA some times

    -I have a similar post coming this week, right now it’s in the draft of another blog where I’m writer, but I might also post on my personal blog –

    • Replying to my own comment to add that when Kai smile look REALLY like Jaejoong XD

      Oh and Boom ( the MC/enternainer/rapper) look a bit like JunJin and cause if that similarity Double J had a lot of problem

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