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Kpop Summer Songs Challenge: Day 4

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F(x) – Hot summer

Being already on vacation with Sistar, having summer party with Myname on a Beautiful Night with Beast is now time for the perfect weather, right? For that will now be responsible F(x).

It summer, right. Its hot? It should be, even reality is a bit different.

Hot summer is catchy summer song that has his origins few years back. To be exactly in 2007.

But f(x) came out with this in 2011. Was that what were you thinking right now? It is true, f(x) did but the song is original from german girl trio Monrose.

I love that song when it came out and after hearing it from f(x) I couldn’t go pass to compare those two. The korean girls didn’t do it bad but I still prefer the original.

And since this is not to talk about Monrose lets move to f(x).

F(x) keeped the song catchy and with different language give it a bit exotic feeling. The biggest difference between this and original is the rap part that Monrose don’t have. If there is any difference in lyrics I can’t say since I didn’t looked for korean version of it.

Anyone knows why the heck is there a tank in video? And not only a tank – a pink tank. Not to forget that it bounce when someone is jumping on it…that doesn’t really show stability for military. But pink colour doesn’t either.

Why expect logic behind this when they are behind pink gates.

That dance…that remind me of something…let me think.

Yap, that was it! This is the way the doggy makes his business.

The annoying thing is SM favorite thing – stupid sound effect all over. They just don’t know when to stop with it.

And to finish this with good words – love Victoria’s one sleeve top and Amber`s short jackets.

I almost wasn’t able to write this properly since I drifted away with Monrose. Check the girls out, they were great.


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