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Song of the week: Infinite – Destiny

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While I normally talk about Song of the week at the end of the week I can’t do this this time. I would be too long to do so. I knew that this song will be amazing that’s also the reason I put in teaser what I usually don’t do. But don’t worry, even if I talk now about the song I will still leave it in the side bar until the end of the week.

After seeing the teaser I expected a really good song but wasn’t repaired to be even so much better. I love the song. This should have been their comeback song, it’s the one that doesn’t only come at the same level as The Chaser and Be mine but overpass them.

The beginning of the song is like an intro with that cool industrial sound. When you listen to it carefully you could hear something like breathing and people talking from far away…like you could see in the movies when people are illusional and the sense play on them. But knowing Infinite, the beginning of the songs may really be the intro.

The song flows all the time, the tempo just go sometimes little slower, than it starts to raise again, but it flows steadily. Like driving a car – you go gas, then break and gas again. Normally you can hear really clean when chorus starts and end, here that’s not the fall. Yes, the chorus is still there it just flows in and out without making it obviously like in other songs. It`s more words repeating that make you notice that chorus came.

The fact that all participate vocally makes me really happy. Sungyeol still doesn’t have a lot of lyrics but I still hope one day he will get them. Like to hear Dongwoo every time he sings. Even if his rap part feels like balsam for my souls, I just love to hear his sweet singing voice. Did Dongwoo`s voice become even deeper? At least I have a feeling he sound deeper as usually, but then I have the same feeling by Hoya.

Anyone else hearing growling at the end? That makes kinda cool ending of a cool song.

Until Wolliment starts to put subs into their videos we will be more than thankful to all those who take time to make subs for all of us to understand. Looking at the lyrics makes you understand the song. This is another “she left me” song. Infinite are really unlucky in love, poor boys. I mean who would left those cuties? But then…it`s again there…that stalking thing that was also present in The Chaser.

Now lets move to the visual part of the songs that makes your eyes happy.

The thing that I need to get ride off first – the planes. Seeing that in the teaser makes me miss them now that I couldn’t spot them in video. Reading some comments on YT explains that those parts were seen as inappropriate and were removed. That`s also the reason this video has Version B in it. It`s sad not seeing that then that scene made the teaser even more interesting and us anticipating the final result. I still hope that there will be the way also to see that side of the video.

The scene of the video is like deserted, ghost city then there is not a single living thing beside the members that you could see. Not even a bird in the air, it’s really like everything and everyone just die out.

Sungjong got a twin that then just disappear like some of other members too. And Sungyeols hand got on fire…really cool effect. But I can’t share the fascination about the human torch…poor Hoya went up in flames.


For Dongwoo must have been a lonely drive in the desert.

There is no need to say much about their dance routine – they are Infinite, it`s given that the dance will be awesome no matter if simple or really complicated moves. But I would still like to point out one thing that I really like – the way how Sunggyu pulled Dongwoos arm and he came at that way to the centre. It will be nice to see the complete dance when they perform.


The outfits look partly futuristic/military/outcast. To pick out my favorite outfit would be Sungyeol followed by Sunggyu. I really love that wide belt. While by Sungyeol just looks like belt by Sunggyu it`s give more the bullet proof west look…just more fashionable. While I was typing this I needed to sneeze and that just confirmed my thinking as right. Do you know that when you thing or talk and someone sneeze that this is conformation that that was right/true? Maybe this is just something by us.

Sungjong`s and L` bracelet/ring or how ever that arm thing may be called look great. It remind me of things that you could see in the TV serie Stargate what the Pharaohs wear. The arm jewellery for king and queen…so are L king and Sungjong queen in Infinite? Anyway that gives the futuristic or out of space feeling.

My least favorite outfit would be than that of Hoya. It’s not that it would be looking bad on him, he manage pretty good to wear that, it’s just that I don’t like skirts on men.

The boys/young man look fabulous, Sungyeol really suits that hair cut and I prefer Dongwoo in that dirty blond/light brown.

You could say this is video for both – ears and eyes. Definitely one of my favourites this year, taking place next to Smoky girl, Dreamer and Tarzan.

And as extra Making of (not sure this is the official one)

Myungjong moment ^^


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