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Kpop Summer Songs Challenge: Day 10

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It`s day 10 already. Until now it goes smoothly and hopefully it will continue for the next 5o.

BAP – Stop it

So, yesterday was Bap mentioned in Secrets song. Then its only right to give them today the whole post and that’s why Stop it now.

But can you still call this song a summer song when it came out in october? Let`s say its late summer song.

This is the first song that doesn’t show Bap with that power we used to see them like in Warrior and Power.

What I like about this song? Its catchy and it has that fun factor even the video is not really something to understand. Beside that it also has some funny scenes.

Let me point out some strange things:

Yongguk got hit by a car and became invisible later but only to some. Daehyun sees him, Youngjae apparently too.

Yongguk got a tail but is seen only here and there, also not all the time presented.

What is Zelo wearing? T-Shirt with mini raincoat and woollen cap, scarf and gloves? Is that a punishment outfit? Poor Baby.

Was this left over from Ranking King? O.o

What I found funny:

The way how they throw hamburger at Yongguk in slow-motion.

Himchan, how happy he looked because his hand was touching her.

Skin-ship *hihihi*

Youngjae`s expresion at 2:26

And what pretty:

Daehyun in that silver hoddie…so pretty the boy.

Schick baby!

Anyone else that thinks Youngjae looks like hamster with his chubby checks? So cute!

This must fit the expression: die happy


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