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Another one of this one day challenges. K-Pop Quiz. This was actually a lot for one day and it took kinda long to get all the answers.

And hopefully this time I can post before my Chrome crash again and put everything in one line. Right now I feel so sick of correcting the draft every time at new.

1. First KPOP Group?

2. First KPOP Song?

3. Favorite Male KPOP Group?

4. Favorite Female KPOP Group?
5. Favorite Solo Artist?

Anyone saw his interview with EYK? Love his reaction on Martina seeing Simon in the shower information. You could see his brain working – that is some really weird woman.

6. Favorite KPOP Song?

Its hard to say only one. Right now are this:


Wonder boyz


There are sure more, but those 3 just pop into my mind right now.

7.Favorite KPOP Music Video?

8. Favorite Ballad?

There are few groups that make in general great ballads like 2am and 8eight

Is this ballad?

Love her voice and her underwater performance.

9. Catchiest Tune?

I don’t like to admit but this one is really catchy. Its just a shame that the lyrics are so shitty! It may be the best if I never came across the lyrics and I would be still clueless about it.

Up and below have extremly catchy chorus.

10. Best Male Dancer?

Kpop groups are in general good dancers, now just pick out the best from the best. He may not be the best, but he is the best I can remember.

11. Best Female Dancer?

She is great, right?

12. Best Male Vocalist?

Its hard to say who is the best vocal or dancer when you`re not profesional, and I`m sure not in one or another. Another thing is that you also may be biased. I try not to be.

Yesung is my favorite male vocal but this one may be better.

Wheesungs voice is amazing and I hope he will make soon a comeback.

13. Best Female Vocalist?

14. Best Male Rapper?

Outsider, he is the king of rapping!

15. Best Female Rapper?

Maybe her:

The man in it is hot, isnt it?

16. Best Male Leader?

I know, this oppa…. is it still oppa if only two months difference? I mean, he is not my favorite leader but just to think how me was after that car accident more concern about the members as himself make him best in my eyes.

17. Best Female Leader? 

Hmm, cant really say, then I`m more musical based into girl groups as on personal.

18. Current song you’re listening to?

First time listening to this and checking the song out at the same time:

It`s fonky!

19. Previous song you’re listening to?

The new one from ZE:A

20. Next song you will be listening to?

Lets see which screen shot will be the most appeling to me. I clicked this:

21. Current KPOP Group addiction?

Infinite and Mblaq. After watching Sesame Player, Ranking king and Hello Baby I`m looking for the next variety show that is only theres. I would say Idol army with Mblaq will be next.

22. Current KPOP Song addiction?

What I have heard most lately? I cant really remember, I guess I`m just getting to old. But I definitely heard this quite a lot of times.

23. Female KPOP Idol bias?

Don`t have.

24. Male KPOP Idol bias?

Seungho from Mblaq

26. Hottest Male Idol?

This one is hard then every group has at least one hot member. Who I think is the hottest among them? I may be here now to lazy to thing more but I go with him:

He has amazing body, dance skills and this combination with cute and silly makes him really hot.

27. Hottest Female Idol?

She is not only one of the prettiest female idols, but also how athletic she is makes her hot. I saw her competing against man in Dream Team and she can beat everyone in female concurrence. Idol queen of archery.

28. Cutest Male Idol?

Who would I just like to pinch because he is so cute? Hmmm.

Yeah, he is hot and yet at the same time so adorable cute.

29. Prettiest Female Idol?

30. Cutest maknae?

In videos he always looks like hot grown up man but is actually are really cute kid.

31. MBC, KBS or SBS?

KBS…their YouTube channel provides subs for us…that’s how I can watch Dream Team and Mama Mia. Thump up for that.

The channels that provide subs itself are definitely the runner ups in views counts.

32. Are you active on AllKPop?

No, never was.

33. Favorite Couple on WGM?

Never watched that. I`m not really interested to watch other playing couples when I`m so far away from it. Make this actually a sense when I like to read romantic books?

34. Which Fandoms are you apart of?

Official like in fan club – none. But I may say I`m Inspirit and A+.

36. What is your favorite Korean Drama?

There are few: BOF, Iljaeme, Shut up family, Secret Garden, Big… I would say that majority of those I saw I also really enjoyed and some of them I would also re-watch.

37. What is your favorite Korean Variety show?

Right now I`m watching X-man, Lets go dream team and Mama mia. I could say until now I enjoy all, the most Lets go, dream team, where I watched subbed episodes that KBS subbed. Will certanly look out for older episodes and wait right now for the new one to come. But I`m also really enjoying those shows that are only about one idol group. Like Hello Baby or Sesame Player-


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