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History = His story

Korean: 히스토리

5 members

Debut: The group debuted on 26. April 2012 with Dreamer

Under LEON

Labelmate IU

Fan club name – Storia

Youtube – Twitter – Facebook – DaumCafe


Name:  Song Kyung-Il (송경일)

Born: November 28, 1987

Hight / Weight: 183cm / 72kg

Position: Leader, sub vocal, rapper

Extra info:

– majored in modern dancing
– MV aprearence in: IU – Beautiful dancer (jap.)

Twitter – Instagram


Name: Na Dokyun (나도균)

Born: February 11, 1991

Hight / Weight: 184cm / 65kg

Position: Main vocal

Extra info: 

–  Before History he debuted in a rock band called Buzz (November 16, 2010) with a stage name  Nayul  – was the main singer
– Has awkward but adorable smile that wins you over
– Members says he is the sloppiest one
– Drama ost Love Rain – Because it`s you

Twitter – Instagram


Name: Kim Sihyoung (김시형)

Born: May 15, 1992

Hight / Weight: 182cm / 63kg

Position: Rapper

Extra info:

– Was a cast member of Ulzzang Shidae 3
– Has a sexy talking voice



Name: Kim Jaeho (김재호)

Born: September 17, 1992

Hight / Weight: 174cm / 58kg

Position: Sub vocal, rapper


Name: Jang Yijeong (장이정)

Born: September 10, 1993

Hight / Weight: 173cm / 58kg

Position: Main vocal, maknae

Extra info:

– Contestant of “Birth of Great Star Season 2″

(shares birthday with me…wish also to have 9 there)


Reality shows:

– History`s torytory bang bang (2013)

– Gues who? (2013)


  • Dreamer – debut single (2013)
  • Just now – mini album (2013)
  • Blue spring (2013)
  • Desire (2014)


  1. Love Rain – Because it`s you – Dokyun (2013)

Music videos:

  • Dreamer – drama version (10 january 2012)
  • Dreamer – dance version (27 march 2013)
  • Dreamer – performance version (3 june 2013)
  • Tell me love (12 august 2013)
  • What I am to you – drama version (November 25, 2013)
  • What I am to you – performance version (December 2, 2013)
  • Psycho (2014)


3 thoughts on “HISTORY

  1. Freaking love DoKyun he say he doesn’t like his chubby cheek, but I just wanna pinch it ^w^’ /noona’s feels

    • I`m just learning more about them while I was typing the profile and after seeing his clip where they show the members (until now are 3) he reminds me of Dongwoo – not that typical pretty but has so much charm. His smile is melting. I think he will be my bias. 🙂

      • He catch me attention in the Dreamer Special Clip…for so odd reason I found he stand out the most in the MV XD really like JaeHo too…cutie little pie ^w^

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