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Nail shop Paris [kdrama – spoiler]

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I notice this drama first when it came out, then I saw Thunder playing in it. But for some reason I wasn’t interested enough to watch it. Maybe I watched to many dramas at that time or I just wasn’t in the mood to watch anything new. So this drama stayed un-watched until now. Few days ago I stumbled over it again and since it has only 10 episodes I knew I will be finished soon.

First of all I need to say that actors for this drama on the side (will link to it below) is completely wrong. There is no word of Thunder or Gyuri and yet they are both in it.

Hong Yeojoo also called Bunny  (played by Gyuri from Kara)  is an internet novel writer. Because her latest novel was accoust plagiarism she went on the hunt for real life people inspiration. That brough her to Alex and the Nail shop Paris where she start to work as male then they are hiring only males.

You may think it different but her story is just BAD.  Serious, for me is it bad. Her main male character just stayed before her and could hide her from her hunter. I would understand if he would be bride as truck but he isn’t. Not to forget how annoying high voice the female got.

Maybe its just me who things this way, but when she was dressed as a girl, she looked more like a boy as when she plays a boy.

Alex (Jun Jihoo) is the main reason Bunny finds her way to the nail shop. He is the typical nice guy – good to all and sometimes you could say also a bit boring. A man with a secret that will be known only at the end.

He is someone who gave the feeling I would like to conformed him when he gave you that sad puppy look like on the picture above.

Jin (Thunder) is the vitamin in the shop. Like Alex he is also a man with a  secret that will come out in the first episodes.

His personality is like we could see in Sesame player – fun and always happy, sometimes bullying Bunny.

I always felt sorry for him then he needed to wear to short pants. I never like that leight, then its just like there was not enough material to make some normal leight of trousers, and yet they dint make it shorter what would be better.

And just wondering how many were crying by his kiss.

Kei (Song Jaerim) the cold man in the shop. You can see his ice melting around him with every new episode. Someone who likes to bully Bunny and is suspicious of her behavior.

This would be the character I feel in love with. His smile! And if Bunny doesn’t want him, I would take him right away. I mean, if a man would say he likes me no matter what gender I am, how could I not like him back? Yes, he may be sometimes rude and raw but he is still so adorable.

The boss is a mysterious woman with a secret that comes out with the last episode.

And not to forget Jisoo, Bunny’s roommate and best friend, Jin`s love interest. A girl that you could say is Jins female version.

I start to watch this drama because I knew that Thunder is playing in it and I was curious how it is. The first few episodes were funny and confusing. I didn’t expect ghost and gumihos about which Bunny so likes to write then she says when she was six a gumiho saved her live and that’s why she loves to write about them.

At some point I became really curious who will bein the end the pairing. Bunny had a crush on Alex – who doesn’t like Alex? – then there was also tension about her and Kei. When the drama started to progress I was already thinking that I will be really mad and disappointed when she doesn’t end up with the one I was rooting for.

I need to say that I liked Alex. He is nice and good-looking but I got a feeling he started to have feelings for Bunny after he discovered she was a girl and not a dongsaeng like he always though of her. This really gave me the impression that after knowing she is a girl he is also allowed to have feelings for her.

But Kei is different as Alex. He was about to confess his feeling believing Bunny is a guy. For him were his feelings more important as Bunny`s gender.

There is something that I just need to get rid of, then every time I saw that a shower went down my back. I know that every person has a different taste and doesn’t always go with others, but really… I love long and beautiful nails but what I saw here… wah, just by thinking I needed to shake. Is there really someone who likes and things that monstrous nails are pretty? I got a feeling that more uglier and longer they were the better it was. Every time they made nails they got claws out that were decorated like magpies nest – as long it blings just trow it on the nail.

 Is this really pretty? I like only the last.

Not only that the nails look ugly, how functional are they really. Just curious how a girl with nails like that goes on toilet. I doubt that Korea has so advanced toilets that would also wipe your ass.  Oh wait! On the second though I really don’t wanna know this mystery.

Beside those monstrous nails, the drama was okay. I don’t love it, but it is watchebal. And if you wanna check it out by yourself – here is the way to it.


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