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VOID Flower Project 2013

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While I was searching for new pictures for Myname I came across this ones:

Isn`t he gorgeous? This are such amazing pictures and I was wondering if also rest of group did that photo shoot.

Yes, not all but JunQ did.

And if anyone else things the intro is amazing, this is the song from it:

In fact, in this project were futured many others like Ali and Go Eunah just to name those who may be the most famous.

By Ali`s picture I was first confused. I was thinking which man I could know with this man. Actually none, then she is a pretty woman.

You can also see good the similarity with Go Eunah and her little brother Mir.

For all pictures and translations of the videos you can check this site.

So who do you thing did better – Insoo or JunQ? I just love Insoo`s photos.

And if your interested in more you can check authors Naver and YouTube page. (It also has a hp but since I got malewere (melwere? cant remember what exactly it was and it doesnt give me alternative) warning I’m not linking there but you can still get the page from the other two sides.)


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