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30 Days MBLAQ Challenge

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When I looked at the challenges list here I already knew which ones I would like to do once and this one is one of them. I wanted to do it last month but then I had some problems with my laptop and so I postpone it in hope the problem fixed itself – it did.

So I`m starting this gloomy month with this challenge of my favorite group. And beside this list below I will also do some other list with them that I already though of with Infinite challenge, but I felt…so hopefully this one will go further as 2 songs. That list here (once it will appear here).

30 Days MBLAQ Challenge

Here the list

Day 1 – How did you found MBLAQ
Day 2 – Your Favorite Member and why
Day 3 – Your Favorite Song
Day 4 – Your Favorite MV
Day 5 – Your Favorite OTP
Day 6 – Your Favorite Live Performance
Day 7 – Your Favorite Group Picture
Day 8 – Your Favorite picture of Seungho
Day 9 – Your Favorite picture of G.O
Day 10 – Your Favorite picture of Joon
Day 11 – Your Favorite picture of Thunder
Day 12 – Your Favorite picture of MIR
Day 13 – Favorite CF they did
Day 14 – Favorite Youtube Clip
Day 15 – Favorite Photo shoot they did
Day 16 – Favorite Hairstyle of any member
Day 17 – Favorite cover they did of any artist
Day 18 – Favorite mblaq .gif
Day 19 – The member that you want as your best friend
Day 20 – Favorite picture of your OTP
Day 21 – Favorite episode of Idol Army
Day 22 – Member you think is the weirdest
Day 23 – Member you think has the best smile
Day 24 – If you had 24 hours with MBLAQ, what would you do?
Day 25 – What do you think of Seungho
Day 26 – What do you Think of G.O
Day 27 – What do you think of Lee Joon
Day 28 – What do you think of Thunder
Day 29 – What do you think of Mir
Day 30 – Why are you an A+


One thought on “30 Days MBLAQ Challenge

  1. :’) (mblaq are my loves, seungho is my bias lol)

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