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Who is who – MBLAQ

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Since I`m already doing Mblaq Challenge, why not also include them into this section. Not why, they should be here.

Guest: Mblaq

Their profile here

Lets begin with my favorite:


He is the leader. Has dark bags under eyes and one pack. Both not always visible…specially the last one. But what is – his lips. Remember those fully lips and you can always spot him right away. Is he unpleasant with something or someone he show his scary stare. Or is he miserable, you can literally see the black clouds above him.


In the past he was probably the one that you could remember the easiest – he used to have facial hair. Without the mustache he is still the same.

I know that everyone says that Joon looks like Rain but to me GO does.

Lee Joon

Majority will say – little Rain. Looking little better at him and you can really see the similarity. Not only facial similarity but also in body. If you see anyone in the group showing his body than you have found Joon. They said it became his habit and I don’t think anyone mind this – he has some badass abs!

He also act like babo. So when you’re looking a variety show this could help – look for the one who acts like a fool. The one that smiles a lot and also gives a lot to smile about.


Being Sandaras little brother shows similarities (even for me this took a while to see it). But if you don’t know who Sandara is, then this information is useless.

Here another way that for me was more useful: he is really tall and skinny, has bright shoulders and small head. I hope this doesn’t sound mean or insulting, that is just the way it is. And yah, he has also “small face”.


Another little brother here – if you know actress Go Eunah than you can see that they look like twins. If not, than to another solution.

Without make-up, he will be the boy next door (happy girl next door :D) and when he get full make-up than he transforms into a hot man. Hot man who raps. He has also a little brighter nose, that should make you recognize him easier. So of stage he is bright boy next door that transform into hot maknae once he’s put on stage. He has really strong stage presence.


Now lets check the members on the picture above (and yes, it’s there oldest one). From left to right: Thunder (small face), Mir (bright nose), Seungho (full lips & dark circles), GO (mustache) and Joon (smiling babo).


For me the easiest to remember was Seungho, the hardest to get apart were Mir and Joon (I think). How about you? Who was the easy pie and who hard rock?


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