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My favorite 10: that 2nd song

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So after a debut song number 2 comes out. At least for majority. And sometimes when you hear that 2nd song you think – why didn’t they debut with this? The reasons for thinking like this can be several – maybe the debut song was bad, it didn’t leave effect on you or just this song is so much better as previous. I remember reading a lot of comments on Wonder boyz Tarzan why didn’t they debuted with this. Since I love both songs I didn’t mind which one was first.

Okay, this time on My favorite 10: that 2nd song I think they should have debuted with.

1. Mr. Mr. – Highway

Why? Who`s that girl was for me like low budged in overall – after listening to it once I forget about it. And since at that time a lot of songs and new rookies came out this wasn’t even hard. But this song – it has everything – it is catchy (I had it on repeat for really long time), the video is good. I like the outfits and the dance steps.

2. BTS – We are bulletproof pt2

First of all – nothing wrong with their debut No more dream, but I just thing this song is a bit better as that one. I like it more and that’s the reason for putting it here. Its cooler – sound, clothes and dance…uff some moves.

3. Speed – That`s my fault

Instead of debuting with someone else song they should have gone with this. It would be so much better choice.

4. EXID – I feel good

The catchy and fun factor of this songs is better.

5. N-SONIC – Lie

I think the boys came after a year back with this song. This song is catchy, specially around chorus.

6. Trouble Maker – Now

It’s a bit strange to have them here since this is like collaboration of two members from two different groups. But since they did debut last year and now came out with second song I will grab them for this.

Troublemaker didn’t work for me, but I really like this one. It sounds good, about lyrics can’t say anything since I didn’t look for them yet. The video is…different. It’s not usual for kpop videos then its more ami style.

Definitely better song for me.

7. Boyfriend – Dont touch my girl

For me Boyfriend was too sweet and this one is nice opposite of that..okay maybe not exactly opposite but it’s not like caries sweet. After seeing that pre-debut video – Lets get started I was wondering how they ended with that song. It was like going from hot to teddy bear.

8. Chocolat – One more day

So much better as Syndrome. The only thing is – is it wrong or not because of their age…but then – boy groups have also so young members and it seems okay.

9. Sistar – Shady girl

Compared to Push push this song is more their style.

10. D-Unit – Luv me

Missing you doesn’t work for me, but this one does. The first one was too much 2ne1 feeling by it.

So that were my choices for their debut. Agree or disagree is up to you. You can always leave your own list below.

Next week for My favorite 10: Places I wish to see in Korea


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