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My favorite 10: Things I wanna taste in Korea


Since I have done last week places I wonted to see in Korea, let’s go this time into gourmet waters. If you watch dramas, moves, variety shows than you can see that a lot of time everything goes around food. Seeing it so many times probably trigger the idea – I want to try this once.

So lets check the food I would like to try if I got the change.

Food & drinks I wanna try when coming to Korea:

1. Kimchi

This is the basic, right? It always about kimchi, kimchi, kimchi. No matter what they eat, kimchi must be there. No meal without kimchi.

2. Rainbow rice cake

Since my try of making it, went so wrong, I would need to try this to know how it should actually taste. For the right thing instead of desert.

To check out my disaster – here.

3. Ramyun

This is something that I could find in the market but I would like to get the right one.

4. Ddeokbokki – Hot and spicy rice cake

I would like to try this out myself if I could figure out what that red paste is. I don’t think its something that I could find here. If I could, that would also make possible to make kimchi.

5. Fishcake

You can always see this when someone is eating at food stand on the streets. I don’t have a clue from what is this made but it looks delicious enough to wanna try it.

Is it really fish or is it just name without real meaning?

6. Soju

Since the days of my drinking days are far away in the past I still think I could at least handle one cup of it. And it should be drank in the tent bar, right. For the right feeling.

7. Makgeolli – rice wine

Another alcohol product. I can’t imagine how rice wine should taste but I’m curious enough to try it.

8. Bibimbap

This is everything mixed with rice and you can see they always make it when they don’t wanna cook long. And everything is mixed in those big metal bowls.

9. Kimbap

Something they always make to take it with when they go on picnics, or if a girl do a lunch box for her boyfriend.

10. Mandu

Did you saw Teen Top & 100% Brothers outing show? Where Rokhyun makes CF for mandu? So it must be eaten in winter? 😀


Yam, yam, yam…now lets be honest – who feels hungry right now? I do. This happens also when I found a channel with cooking. It was right after lunch and yet my stomach start to grunt. So much delicious looking food and so far away from the reach of my arms.

Next week: my favorites of november 2013


2 thoughts on “My favorite 10: Things I wanna taste in Korea

  1. Kimchi is freaking spicy if you love spicy food you will like Kimshi, after eating it I had the feeling to be a dragon. If you try instant ramyun the one that normally have in K-TV show is the Nongshim one which is really good, I don’t if it can be find everywhere in the world, but where I live some super market has it. And for Soju it have a similar taste as vodka but a bit sweeter ^^

    • So hot? o.O I guess that will than be my least meal. Drop of Tabasco on my pizza and I’m burning. We don’t have any Asian markets near here and products in markets are limited on only few – ramyun and rice flour as example.

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