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Sweet pancakes (hotteok)

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So there was this one recipe that I was eying for really long time. And I mean really, really long time…at least for a half-year. Yeah, like I said long time.

And know I finally made it, for the second time already.

The reason for waiting so long wasn’t the fact that there is no asian market anywhere near, nor that the normal market wouldn’t have the stuff needed. It was that I always was like – next time I will try it and that lazy side of me supported that. And how good job it did.

But those weren’t the only two reasons. The recipe is in cups and that made me go crazy. We use GRAMS, how should I know how much is a CUP. Okay, not something that couldn’t be solved – either buy cups (I remember seeing this somewhere) or look up the internet how much a cup is. I finally did that. Yuho, now I know how much that is…that should made my life in terms of those recipes so much easier.

Like I already said, I wanted to make it so many times already then it looked so delicious. And then I just said – today, why not and after looking up for those cups I finally start it. Great until I saw that I need to let the dough 1 hour sit. Hmm, this just remind me that I should read everything before starting. This wasn’t even the first time doing something like this (the last time when this happened the flour that was supposed to go into mix last but went in with everything else…oh je).

But okay, that wasn’t such an issue, it just that I started late and I ate late – it takes 2 hours until you can start eat. Not diet friendly in the evening.

Anyway, its worth the time and you still have that one hour waiting for your dough.

This is how it looks….yummy, right? With more practice it will be even more.

sweet pancakes - hotteok

How does it taste? If you’re making them with sugar than sweet. I made half of them with sugar and I had a lot of left over sugar mix. Either you made less mix off it or storage it for next time (even after second time I still have some left). Another tip: don’t fill it too much then it might happen that the sugar doesn’t melt completely and you can later bit on it. It`s more tastier if it’s all melt.

Another half was field with cheese. I need to admit that I was first skeptic if this will taste good but yeah, it did. I really liked the taste of a little bit salty cheese.

Since my father had another wish I made for him with curd. First I didn’t think this would be such a bad idea but I had some problems with it. Since curd is bit wet it wasn`t easy to seal the dough. Also once in the fry pan it opened… what happens with water and oil you probably already know.

Maybe the problem wasn’t completely in the wet curd but also in dough that I put directly onto the heater while waiting to raise. Not the best idea since I dried it out a bit.

But yeah, you learn on little mistakes like that, so that you don’t repeat it next time. And believe me – it will be next time for me.

Just wondering – anyone made this with blueberries? Does it work?

And before I forget: you would like to try this out yourself? Than check the recipe here. Hah, she has such a yummy site.

Like I said, this recipe work so great if you don’t have that special Asian market anywhere near like me.


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  1. Since I really don’t know where to post it, I’m gonna notify you on that yummy post (really need to bookmark that recipe website) that I nominated you for the Liebster Award :

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