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My favorite 10: Love songs

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This was first meant to be posted yesterday but I ended up so long with rearranging that I was too tired to make the final check. And that’s why for me the valentine’s day failed on today.

It’s hard to believe I actually write a post on this topic – Valentines day edition. And that after a long time that I’m doing this section. I’m someone you could say that hate that day. Seriously, it is just another day to squeeze money out of people who think that they need to show their love to all the world…like you need some “special” day to do that. Okay, I admit that my disgust of that day comes from long practise of being single on that day. You could say that it’s already a life style of me and I mean it. I can’t recall having a bf at that time. But I remember once getting a rose…like other two girls in our clique…so nothing really special.

Okay, enough of whining over not existing love live (not like this would make it better).

Love songs are like double-sided sword to me and maybe to someone else to. On the one side I love them because they are beautiful and would be even more if that would be love confession to me. And right here we have the other side of it – it made me depress. Its like those days after a broke up, when love songs make you sad. Good think when my mode sings, that I still have the option to go for some fast, upbeat song to hive my mood back to normal.

And now for the Love-songs-lover me my top 10 love/confession songs.

And this time the other way. But before I start with number 10 one more thing: I’m still sticking to Asian songs but will leave out OST songs then this will get it`s own post.

Lets get it started!

10.2am ft. 8eight – I love you

They say that love never announce itself, it just come if you’re ready or not.

9. Dalmatian – Real eyes

The song is so cute.

8. 2pm – ADTOY

This song is an earworm (at least this is a german term for it but can’t remember the english one). I remember that when it came out I had it on repeat for quit a while.  And what woman wouldn’t like to hear from a man that she likes that she is everything he things about. Even if it`s romantic and cute at the beginning, it will start to lose it`s charm with the time. So boys, think about us ladies just not all the time.

7. The Grace – My everything

Not only man but also ladies can show their love for their loved ones. And they did it really graceful.

6. Mikey – Loving you (R&B Version)

I already like Sistar`s version but this one is even better…its more romantic. His voice…melts.

5. Aziatix ft Stevie Huang – So incredible 

So this song may be a little bit cheated but since they are all Asians I take it as it should be here. Anyway, this song is so…oh yeah, sing it to me. Tell me how incredible I am. Boost for female soul.

4. Shin Hyesung ft Kiyokiba Shunsuke – I believe

Collaboration of two amazing vocals made this heart melting love song.

3. Phantom ft Verbal Jint – Come as you are

Words everyone would like to hear – just be as you are. I`m sure love change people for the better but first they should be taken the way they are.

Just a little comment on the video – I wouldn’t mind if they would take ladies from the street to show they mean what they sing. Not every beauty is in pretty and perfect appearance.

2. One OK Rock – Wherever you are

This is softer side of this great band. And they nail it, agree? No need for more words on this.

1. K.will – Marry me

I wish this would have a offical video. I fall in love with this song the moment I heard it. It is the absolute love confession.

And now as bonus the thing I found in my favorites:

Puff, need to say that it wasn`t the easiest task to get down to 10. It happened that I got more songs than needed and with that came reducing time. But I came to my really top songs. Did you like it?

Next time: The sad side of love – part 2 of love edition.


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