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Song of the week: MyName – Shirayuki

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I feel like I’m changing into sloth, seriously, it`s bad. Normal people have some lazy days, I have lazy months. This song is a good example of that…I don’t even remember anymore when I start the draft and was too lazy to finished it. So instead of the song of the week this became the song of the winter 2013/14. I guess it would be time to make some use of all the drafts that I already created.

Now to Myname.

MyName made it here again. This time with a beautiful japanese ballad. I actually waited for some really good non korean song to bring some changes into that section. MyName brought that to me.

Love the sound of the songs. The nice piano sound accompanying those voices. Like to hear rappers sing when they can and here you can’t complain¬†about them, do you? I don’t.

The song is one of those where you think that is beautiful and sad at the same time. It has the potential of shedding tears (if you are that kind of person). And the video may help you by that.

Must be nice if you can look so good while crying.

There is one think that I would really really like to say. GUNWOO! ROLL YOUR PANTS DOWN! AND PUT SOME SOCKS ON! Seeing him always in too short pants annoys me. Its like the boy has grown in the time he was dressed and the filming started. Seriously, put him in something that fits him!

But thankfully the rest look nice (I will overlook those strange pants and suits some have at some points), specially Insoo. He is so handsome.

If this amazing song may pass you, than here is your change to check it out – its worth to do so.

Since I couldn’t find any translation on YouTube here the link to some other site.


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