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30 Days MBLAQ Challenge: Day 30

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And here the final day…that was quit a long way.

Day 30 – Why are you an A+

Why I’m A+? I would say there are 2 reasons.

1st: I love their music.

I think this should be the most important reason since they are recording artist and their main product is music. I don’t love all of the songs but most of them I do. Therefore I would say – yeah, I really really like their music. And their last mini album was just amazing.

2nd: I like the members.

You can like someones music but not necessary also the artist. Not in this case – I like them as a whole – as recording artist and members behind it. They are just that kind of people who you once see in a variety show that you have a need to look for more. Every time you will find something new that may be interesting about them. And since they are funny persons you just wait for something funny to happen.


Should there be any other reason beside loving their music and the members for call myself A+?


And finally I menage to come to an end with this challenge. And as far as I know they are still together. Hopefully for a long long long time.


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