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Celebrities Look-a-likes Part 3

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Its that time again, to put some look-a-likes on the table.

While watching some dramas, where you watch several people for quit a long time – like 15 episodes, you can see some similarities to other people. One of the dramas Im watching is Melody of Love and there I see two people that will now come onto this list.

Kwak Heesung (actor) & Kim Jaejoong (JYJ)

Since the first aperance of this young actor on the screen it gave me the feeling that he remind me of someone. And when I saw his smile it made a click – Jaejoong. The actor could be Jaejoong`s little brother…maybe he is?

Baek Sunghyun (actor) & Nio (NOM)

The similarity between those two is probably not seen at the first look. But when you watch Melody of Love and you also know NOM than you maybe saw that they show similarities, specially the lips and some face expressions made them look a like.

And while we are already by Baek Sunghyun: when I was looking for his photo I saw that he shows also similarities to:

Nam Woohyun (Infinite)

and Kim Kibum (Super Junior)

Kibum, Woohyun, Nio…he can be who ever he want to be based on his expression. Who do you think he looks most like? And don`t say Kibum because of his shirt.

Seogoong (Topp Dogg) & Yoo Yeonseok (actor)

While watching Topp Dogg stuff I had I feeling that Seogoong remind me of someone. Now I know who – my favorite character from drama Replay 1994 – Chilbongi.

Jungkook (BTS) & Jo twins (Boyfriend)

BTS maknae Jungkook with his big eyes and cute and shy smile could be the little Jo twins brother.

Kim Bum & Seo Junyoung

When I was watching Unemployed Romance I needed to check twice if that really isn`t Kim Bum. And right now I`m wondering how I didn`t notice that Junyoung was playing in To the beautiful you?

Kang Haneul (actor) & Tey (Mr.Mr.)

First: hopefully I got Mr. Mr.`s members name right. I know them, I like their music but Im not so familier with them that I could tell the names and who is who (at least yet). So if the coment on youtube is wrong, then Im too. But since the search result came out with him it must be right, right?

When last year Mr.Mr.`s Highway came out I was thinking they had an actor for the main role in the video. They didnt. And when I start to watch Heirs I needed to check if that actor isnt in a band. He isnt. Therefore we have two different people that made their way into this list.

Master One (Wonderboyz) & Zico (Block B)

Ever wonder who is the guy in Wonder Boyz video Tarzan that looks like Zico? Thats Master One and he could be Zico`s younger brother. And they dont only look a like but also sound a like.

Ricky (Teen Top) & Changsub (BTOB)

Changsub is like a matured version of Ricky.

Rokhyun (100%) & Yoon Sanghyun (actor)

Rokhyun is like the dummy that loves to smile. Nothing wrong with this, then this is one of his charms.

Sanghyun played in Secret Garden one of my favorite characters in the drama.

Gayoon (4minute) & Hoya (Infinite)

I know 4minute but never really paid atention to them or their music videos. Therefore it took me long time to see this similarites. I notice that Gayoon look like Hoya when 4minute was on Dream team with Sistar.

They could be twins, right?

Bora (Sistar) & Shin Ae (actress)

Two beautiful woman. And what makes them look a like? Their big, bright smile.


Since there are more people that I could put into here, what would made the post to long I will post another Look-a-likes post soon (I guess). So maybe will be the pair that you think I forgot in the next post.


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