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Song of the week: Topp Dogg – Arario

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Song of the week….more like song of the month…no, song of the year. Wow this is/was really overdue. I should either start to post again as I have or change the name of this section. Hmm…

When Topp Dogg debuted in october last year I really liked their song and I said to myself to keep an eye on them. That was a good move then they showed how versatile they are – from Follow me to Cigarette and Open the door to Arario. And this is only what they put into music videos, their other songs from singels show it even more. Not to forget that from the day I put this song into that section and start the draft they came already out with new album, solo project and 2 music videos. Now let me finally finish this draft before another song comes out. (And before I post I need to check that this didn’t already happen…nope, nothing more.)

Arario is a song that can make you hit repeat button for several times. I like it for several reasons.

Arario is fun song and video where they mixed tradition in sound and visual.

clash of modern and tradition

No matter how much I like this song it is not so much suited for the vocals but more for rappers. The sound kinda overshadow the voices and what good voice they have we could hear in Cigarette and the cover of Some they made (click here with no regret). I can’t decide whose voice is better – Seogoongs or Gohns then both are so sweet.

When mentioning tradition is some that you can hear and some that is only visual. The modern sound is mixed with instruments like gayageum, buk or drums and I think I also can see kkwaenggwari. I also see some other drums but wiki is not helping me with that (you didn’t think I actually know those instruments names, right? Okay, I saw them in drama Heartstrings so I kinda knew them, but typing them without help would just be butchering them.).



Another aspect is in visual – the video is like watching some historical drama with modern futures (like watching Rooftop prince).

The boys are dressed in traditional clothing known as hanbok (I think female hanboks are soooo pretty.) and some of them also have the role to play.

scholar Yano

Yano as scholar, Jenassi as rich kid that has fun in drinking and woman and Seogoong as police officer? But his costume is not right…its to modern, isn’t it? Anyway, those are the roles that you will most likely always find in historical dramas.

While there is always mix with old and new the modernest thing in this video is definitely Atom in his car. That is something that really sticks out the most. His hair needle doesn’t softer the situation.


really modern car


If you watched Topp Doggs videos than you could see that they have their own tradition in their dance routine. Every time their dance has some more acrobatic moves performed by Xero or P-Goon. Arario is not exception. But unfortunately I saw they broke the tradition with the next video. Lets hope they bring that back, then I really like that kind of moves.

and jump

Another thing that I really like to see in their dance is how they use the prop that made its way from ancient times into modern-day. Fan dance is nice and not only exclusive to females, right?

Even if this video is already old since I put it into sidebar I still like it. And in case you havent heard it yet, than you can do it now.

Another video with the same old feeling is Rokkugo from Super Junior that is also one of most funniest ones.


It’s unbelievable that I finished this post still in 2014…jep, still old year here.



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