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My favorite 10: Favorites of 2014

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2014 is over (but wasn’t when I started the draft…this just shows how long sometimes takes me to finish something) and like every year also this had his ups and downs in kworld. To put it short: there were some departures from groups, disbandings, scandals, tragic lost of idols but also some good debuts, great comebacks and amazing dramas. Since I won`t go on with negative sites of kworld I will be listing only my favorites of the past year.

With what should I start? Just with what comes to my mind.

Favorite drama

There were some dramas this year that started great but lost it on their way to the final episode. Not this one, then it kept me watching from start to the end, no matter if I start watching when they were airing or when they already finished (not sure wich one was for me). It had my attention. It made me laugh. It made me cry…or almost when I were more the type that cries by movies. It made me love the characters. It was love.

In case you don’t recognise it, that’s – My love from another star.


Favorite actor/actress

The actor/actress that I enjoyed watching the most in 2014?




Nam Goong Min. Within this year I saw 3 dramas from him – one was actual, another bit older. In everyone he had different kind of role. There is no need to say that he is really good-looking man, right? In every drama he appears he is an eye candy. And depending on his character he can be sweet cutie or attractive bad guy.






Favorite character

Do MinJoon, the main character from My love from another star that was played by Kim Soohyun. This was my first drama with him and you need to like him. He is not only an eye candy with his handsome face and adorable smile – I really like how he doesn’t even need to try much to smile since his mouth corners are already turned up into a smile. His character was so adorable. Like Songyi slowly falls in love with him, so will you too. He will make you think: “If all aliens are like him, then let me meet and fall in love with one.”


Favorite drama kiss

When I first watched an asian drama it left me speechless and disappointed after a kiss. Unfortunate that wasn’t the last time and I started to believe all kisses are like that. With that thinking you probably can imagine how happy and surprised I was when they showed a really kiss.

In 2014 my favorite kiss scene was again from My love from another star. It was something that you waited for and yet it surprised you when it happened.

Ah ja, that was nice and aftermath hilarious.


Favorite OST

I love OST music in general, there you will find one of the best ballad songs.

Before I say the song you probably already have a guess what it may be and yes, your right. Once again something from My love from another star. This drama was aired in the beginning of the year and yet no other got so much of my interest as this one…until the end of the year but that’s another story for next years best.

Lyn – My destiny (My love from another star OST)

Need to say that it was hard choice between this, Hyorin – Good bye (My love from another star OST) and Ailee – Goodbye my love (Fated to love you OST)


Favorite rookie

I need to admit that even if this year were again so many rookies not many took my attention. If we talk in numbers than 3.

Here they are:


Bumkey and Kanto already made attention as solo acts and debuted later in 4 member group. I liked Kanto in his collaboration with Sunggyu from Infinite and waited for his group debut.

They are all unique sounding.

Troy, you have my green light!


Jackie Chans group.

No matter how the video looks, the song is addictive.


This duo surprised with self-produced video. And those voices!

Now I need to make another confession – like 90% of the rookies just pass me without notice.


Favorite comeback

I first notice this artist when hearing his OST for drama Iljimae. And in 2014 he finally made his comeback after long 4 years.

Park Hyo shin – Wild flower


Favorite discovery

Sometimes with just a random click you can find something amazing. My favorite discovery thru curiosity click were MIO or Avengers. It made me curious as I saw a group wearing mask and after that video even more interesting mask were seen – Captain America, Hulk and Ironman. Yes, it was pure curiosity that made me check them out but their beautiful voices made me stick with them and waiting for more.

There is not really much about them to be found and I think they didn’t debut yet…not officially. This is also the reason they aren’t in favorite rookie section. Beside one song they have cover with their own flair.

Their facebook and youtube channel are bookmarked so I’m ready get more news about them.

My favorite so far is Captain America (one on the left) but not because his voice would be better it just suit my taste a bit better.

The only thing I could wish for would be a complete song.


Favorite dance

A dance is something that can make a video/performance even more attractive. I always enjoy in good dance routine – either it is in synchrony, sexy or funny it doesn’t matter then everything has its own charm. The best way to see a dance are the dance practice videos without anything else that could steal your attention of those moves.

My favorite of the year – Speed – Dont tease me. This song doesn’t have a offical video but they performed it. Once you take away all those costumes and cameras that change the engels every second you get a great and impressive dance routine. What I love about this one is that fun factor.


Favorite video that makes me laugh

There were few funny videos but the one that makes me laugh every time is MIB – Chisa bounce.

It’s not the video as complete that is funny but few seconds that could make your day. What I’m talking about is Kangnams funny dance towards 5zic. The move and his poker face are hilarious…at least to me. If my mood is bad I could repeat that second for some many times that it gets better. You can also have fun with it and change the speed of the video for different effects.



Like to try the speed? Do it!

I heard that song so many times already that I can hear when that dance will come.

What were your favorites from 2014? You can let me know below, it’s always interesting to see other options.


I wish that 2015 will have a lot ups and less as possible downs.

My resolution for new year and my blog: post as much as possible and make some use of all those drafts that I created in 2014. I would probably post more if the post wouldn`t end as unfinished drafts. I will try to finish them and post in this year.

I know its already 2 weeks in 2015 but what should I say – I just took me again some time to finish the draft and not as it was planed for the the last/first of the year.


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