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Who is who: Topp Dogg

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I was supposed to post this when I talk the last time about this group. The draft is also really old already and the only thing that was still missing was a good picture. I think I finally fund one good enough so its time to post this long time overdue draft. But unfortunately the picture can go against what is said about a member. So remember – hair color can be change from today on tomorrow.


Since I like Topp Dogg and have bit more interest as only in their music I wanted to get their names and faces. Not the easiest task since they are 13 members. But since I also managed Super Junior and that at the time when everyone really looked same to me, why not also do this with this group. More challenging but still manageable. I would say that the biggest key in learning and memorizing is having enough interest in them. I mean, I know all EXO and SNSD names but can point out only few of them – reason: not enough interest to do that.

Like I said – Topp Dogg has a lot of members as usually groups (5-7 is average). The hardest for me are the Wizards. It would be probably the easiest if they would stay with one hair color, but majority of the idols change their hair color as mortals their underwear. And with this the reference with hair is not the safest thing and new ways to remember someone need to be found. Now to my ways.

Group: Topp Dogg

Lets start with the easiest ones.


The members named him as the prettiest one but that is really not a relayebel reference since they are all handsome young man. Also the term for the “prettiest one” varies depending on a person.

This is not to make fun out of him or anyone else its just a tip for easy remember the member. You can really easy spot him since he has very outstanding ears – Taecyeon`s ears. And since he usually wears his hair back they are also nice visible.

He has also darker skin as the rest.


You will probably spot him the easiest when you look for the one with the weird fox brown hairdo. Yes, even horns can be found on his head. So far his hair was always longer as by the rest of the group.


His very short dark hair can be cut in really short “frufru”. Has a small face and small but full lips. Once he smiles his face just lights up.


Maknae in the group has a bit chubby checks. I don’t know if chubby is really the right word, since they are just fuller. He kinda reminds me of a hamster.


He is like Sangdo bit darker as the rest. His hair is dark and not really short. To me he also look like Heechul from Super Junior, just bit more manly.


He has quit a long face and his upper lip gives a feeling that is a bit stiff. Has a big eyes.


How to explain Jenissi? This one is hard. He is not so hard to remember but its harder to say why. Anyone that actually know what I want to say with this?

For first time remember could also work like this: First pick out everyone and the one who is still not “identified” then that’s Jenissi. Next time you will be probably able to recognise him right away.

Seogoong and Gohn

This two can be bit hard since they look really a like. The way for me to get them apart is to look the shape of their face. While Seogoong has longer face, Gohn has wider, more square like shape. The same goes with the chin – Seogoongs is more V and Gohns U shape. And Seogoong looks more feminine while Gohn more masculine.

And now the Wizards that I find the hardest to remember.


He is the easiest out of the four, then most likely he will be wearing his round glasses. In the beginning he had green hair what was even easier. Unfortunately you could see him less and less with the glasses and green is also not on his hair anymore. What I found interesting and a thing to remember – his shape of the lips. Cant really explain what I mean, so look at him and try to find it out what could I had meant.


Debuted with purple hair. Until now that already changed and new indicator was needed. The one that I found – his upper lip. Its fuller and its a bit over the lower lip. Like by Daehyun from Bap…and he actually remind me of him. And they also like to curl his hair.


If you would hear him speaking than you could point him out right away – he has really unique voice. One of unique features on his face are his mouth corners that are lifted up as he would always smile… like joker. And he is color contact lenses fan – you can see him wearing blue ones.


And finally Xero. He is the one left over. Not sure how to explain it otherwise.

Sometimes I find it the easiest to say who is who by picking out the ones that are easy to me and go down to the ones who stay over. In my case will that be the Wizards. Like I already mentioned few times – they are the hardest for me.

But wait, this can’t work if you try this already with Jenissi. So what to do with Xero? He is super dancer in the group. Has also that bad boy aura. Jap, bad boy aura gives him away.


Now the test. Can you spot the members on the picture above?

From left to right upper row: P-Goon, B-joo, Jenissi, Atom, Hansol, Seogoong

Lower row: Yano, Nakta, Gohn, Sangdo, Xero, Hansol, Kidoh


If that above still wasnt helpful, than you can also check this site that help me in beginning to kinda put the name with the face.


And also THIS interview can be helpful – just watch their expressions, listen to their voices and maybe you can understand some of thing that I mentioned but couldn’t really good explain.


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